10 Tips for Beating Job-Interview Anxiety

Most of us get nervous either before or during a job interview, and who can blame us? These ten tips will help you reduce your interview jitters and allow you to feel more relaxed and ready for a great interview conversation!

1) Preparation is key. You won’t feel so nervous on a job interview if you know you’re well-prepared. Read the company’s website, read your hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile and prepare a list of great interview questions (like these) to bring with you to the interview!

2) Choose your interview attire at least a week before the interview if you can and make sure that every garment is cleaned, pressed and mended so you’ll look and feel great! Lay out your interview outfit (completely, including shoes, underthings and socks or hose) the night before your interview so nothing will get you in your way as you dress for the occasion!

3) Bring a notepad inside a portfolio or padfolio with you to the interview, along with your favorite pen and a few extra copies of your resume. Bring the address, names of your interviewers and contact name and details with you to the interview, too!

4) Exercise the night before the interview to calm your nerves. If your head is racing, listen to your favorite music or watch a movie that will take you out of your worrying mind!

5) Visualize the interview in your head and walk through it from beginning to end. Imagine the office or interview room where your interview will take place. Imagine yourself answering the interviewer’s questions and asking him or her your own thoughtful questions. Visualize yourself leaving the interview feeling like a champ — because you are one!

6) Just before your interview, do a little physical exercise if you can (running up and down a flight of stairs twice or three times is perfect) to wind yourself a bit and get out of your busy mind.

7) When you walk into the interview room, be human and say something pleasant, like “What a great view of the river from this conference room!” You are not on stage. An interview is just a variation on a networking meeting. You and your interviewer are going to share information and ideas with one another — that’s all. You are the perfect new hire for someone, and this person may or may not be that manager. Either way, you are awesome!

8) Get to your interview location very early — at least twenty minutes ahead of time, so that you avoid any risk of getting there late. You can walk around the block and wind yourself a little more if you are early. That’s better than dashing in the door at the last minute!

9) Don’t be afraid to take notes during your interview. It’s perfectly fine to capture your thoughts, ideas and questions on the notepad you brought with you.

10) Lastly, keep in mind that not everyone deserves you. Only the people who get you, deserve you! You are interviewing the employer just as much as they are interviewing you. Have a good time, and celebrate with a nice gelato when the interview is done!


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  1. Zakir Mirza
    Zakir Mirza says:

    Excellent and very timely tips Liz as I am getting ready for two job interviews next week. I will make sure to use these 10 steps to stay relaxed during my interviews.


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