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What Is A Pain Letter — And Can It Get Me A Job?

What is a Pain Letter? It’s a letter that accompanies your Human-Voiced Resume when you send your resume to your hiring manager. Reaching out to hiring managers directly is a new-millennium job search approach that our CEO Liz Ryan invented and teaches in her stories and lessons. Pain Letters are effective because when your hiring manager […]

Ten Mojo-Boosting Tips For December Job-Seekers

It  can be grueling to job-hunt in December. For one thing, you may be worried that employers will shut down their hiring apparatuses for the month, but luckily that’s not always true. Lots of hiring managers have 2016 budget dollars (including payroll dollars) that must  be spent before the first of January — or else […]

Five Easy Career Steps To Take Before 2017

The new year is going to hit, and then 2017 will fly by. You know it will — look how fast 2016 has gone! Here are five easy steps to take for your career before the end of December: Update your LinkedIn profile. What can you add to your description of your current job, and […]

Liz Ryan’s Book “Reinvention Roadmap” Is Here!

Great news for job-seekers, career-changers and all Human Workplace fans — our CEO Liz Ryan’s book “Reinvention Roadmap” is here! “Reinvention Roadmap” is available on Amazon now, and will be in bookstores on December 6th, 2016! Here is a Q & A with Liz about “Reinvention Roadmap,” career reinvention and job search in 2017 and beyond: […]