10 Tips for Beating Job-Interview Anxiety

Most of us get nervous either before or during a job interview, and who can blame us? These ten tips will help you reduce your interview jitters and allow you to feel more relaxed and ready for a great interview conversation!

1) Preparation is key. You won’t feel so nervous on a job interview if you know you’re well-prepared. Read the company’s website, read your hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile and prepare a list of great interview questions (like these) to bring with you to the interview!

2) Choose your interview attire at least a week before the interview if you can and make sure that every garment is cleaned, pressed and mended so you’ll look and feel great! Lay out your interview outfit (completely, including shoes, underthings and socks or hose) the night before your interview so nothing will get you in your way as you dress for the occasion!

3) Bring a notepad inside a portfolio or padfolio with you to the interview, along with your favorite pen and a few extra copies of your resume. Bring the address, names of your interviewers and contact name and details with you to the interview, too!

4) Exercise the night before the interview to calm your nerves. If your head is racing, listen to your favorite music or watch a movie that will take you out of your worrying mind!

5) Visualize the interview in your head and walk through it from beginning to end. Imagine the office or interview room where your interview will take place. Imagine yourself answering the interviewer’s questions and asking him or her your own thoughtful questions. Visualize yourself leaving the interview feeling like a champ — because you are one!

6) Just before your interview, do a little physical exercise if you can (running up and down a flight of stairs twice or three times is perfect) to wind yourself a bit and get out of your busy mind.

7) When you walk into the interview room, be human and say something pleasant, like “What a great view of the river from this conference room!” You are not on stage. An interview is just a variation on a networking meeting. You and your interviewer are going to share information and ideas with one another — that’s all. You are the perfect new hire for someone, and this person may or may not be that manager. Either way, you are awesome!

8) Get to your interview location very early — at least twenty minutes ahead of time, so that you avoid any risk of getting there late. You can walk around the block and wind yourself a little more if you are early. That’s better than dashing in the door at the last minute!

9) Don’t be afraid to take notes during your interview. It’s perfectly fine to capture your thoughts, ideas and questions on the notepad you brought with you.

10) Lastly, keep in mind that not everyone deserves you. Only the people who get you, deserve you! You are interviewing the employer just as much as they are interviewing you. Have a good time, and celebrate with a nice gelato when the interview is done!


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One Million Reasons To Say “Thank You!”

We’re celebrating like there’s no tomorrow. Guess why?

…Because YOU put us over the ONE MILLION FOLLOWER mark on LinkedIn!

We are so happy and excited that so many people around the world are resonating with the Human Workplace message to reinvent work for people.

I’ve made a video just for you to say thanks for being part of the Human Workplace movement!

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Three years ago, we wrote our first column for LinkedIn. You read and shared that column, and more of our stories.

You told your friends about us.

You listened to our podcasts.

You took our courses and you got involved in our webinars.

Just a few years later, we hit our one million follower mark–and it’s ALL THANKS TO YOU!

At Human Workplace we are are committed to reinventing work for people. We want you to succeed, for you to find your ideal job and develop your career. We want you to build your mojo and find your voice. We want you to create a strong personal brand for yourself and thrive in the new millennium workplace.

As we reach for 2 million followers, I want to thank you for every bit of good energy you’ve sent to us along the way. And enjoy the special video–you mean so much to us!

Just as you’ve shared our columns over the years with your friends, don’t forget to let your friends and family know about this video. Forward this email and tell them I say THANKS!

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Eleven Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Anyone could understand why a working person with a reasonable job would say “I have a job. Why should I bother to job-hunt?”

Change is hard in general, and launching a stealth job search when you’re already working full-time can feel like an especially heavy burden.

At the same time, if you don’t love the work you’re doing now and/or if you aren’t being paid fairly, why does your current employer still deserve your talents? It’s quite possible they don’t!

Various surveys peg the number of dissatisfied working people at somewhere between seventy and eighty percent. If you are one of those dissatisfied working people, why not make a plan to improve your working situation, your income and your mojo level by investigating the job market this spring?

Here are eleven signs you’ve given your job and your employer more than they deserve, and a brighter future awaits you in a different organization!

  1. You know how to help your company be more successful, but nobody wants to hear  your ideas.
  2. You don’t feel inspiration from your work, your manager of your company’s mission.
  3. You’re hungry to learn more, try more, and do more at work than your current job allows you to do.
  4. You know or strongly suspect you’re underpaid.
  5. Your boss and his or her bosses don’t value or appreciate your contributions at work.
  6. You don’t see a path to continue growing your muscles and mojo at your current job.
  7. You daydream about more exciting career paths sometimes, but then you think “It seems like so much trouble to job-hunt!”
  8. You know you have a lot more talent and creativity than your current job allows you to express.
  9. Your co-workers don’t seem concerned about the lack of vision and Team Mojo in your workplace. You are the only member of the team who’s dissatisfied (so the problem must be you)!
  10. You dread Sunday nights because you know you have to go back to work on Monday morning.
  11. You feel dread and exhaustion driving, walking, biking or taking public transit to work each day.

Enough is enough!

Maybe 2016 is the year you get altitude on your career and your life, take control of your working life and get the job you deserve!

Are you Job-Hunting?

Join Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan in a FREE Job Search Webinar on May 11, 2016!

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How Greg Got Three Job Interviews Using Pain Letters!

We got this letter from Greg:

I’m not the type to break rules, but after I had applied for 82 jobs online and didn’t get a job (and only got seven interviews) I knew I was wasting my time with online job applications.

I started sending out Pain Letters and my job-search results changed immediately. After sending six Pain Letters I had three interviews scheduled. It makes such a huge difference to talk to your hiring manager directly, and to talk to them about their situation, not yours! I’m excited about my job search now. Thanks, Liz and team!

We are thrilled to hear from job-seekers like Greg all over the world who have tried our non-traditional job-search techniques and found them highly effective.

You can learn how to use Pain Letters and your Human-Voiced Resume to get the job you deserve, too!

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Grow Your Professional Flame In A Virtual Course Starting May 7th!

Are you job-hunting or thinking about starting a job search?

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Check out April Virtual Courses & Take a Leap! Specials Including a Live Webinar With Liz Ryan!

find your groove virtual courses plus webinar with dancing mouseNew Four-Week and 12-Week Virtual Courses from Human Workplace begin on Saturday, April 9th!

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On Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. Mountain time we’ll be hosting a one-hour live webinar called Take a Leap!

This webinar will feature our CEO Liz Ryan and our COO Molly Campbell. Liz and Molly will share tips and advice with our March, 2016 Virtual Course Members on how to grow your flame whatever your 2016 career adventures are!

In our 4/13/16 Webinar, Take a Leap! we’ll be sharing advice on these topics:

  1. Job-hunting in a non-traditional way, using Pain Letters and your Human-Voiced Resume
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  4. How to start your own consulting business

When you register for any Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course beginning April 9, 2016 or choose any Take a Leap! Special Offer,

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Questions and Answers

I want to join the April 13, 2016 Take a Leap! webinar but I’ll be busy at 1:00 p.m. Mountain time. Will the webinar be recorded?

Yes! When you register for any 12-Week Virtual Course priced at USD $299 or higher you will also receive the webinar file for later listening (and watching, as Liz Ryan’s colorful illustrations will be featured in the webinar)! When you register for any $599 Virtual Course you will also receive a transcription of the webinar.

How do Human Workplace Virtual Courses work? How will I follow my lessons?

Your lessons will be sent to you via email. They are yours to keep. You can opt to receive them at the rate of one new lesson per week for four weeks (in a four-week virtual course) or 12 weeks (in a 12-week virtual course).

Or, you can opt to receive all four or all 12 lessons right away. Your lessons are created in colorful PDF documents. You can print them out or work on them on your favorite device.

Can I get feedback from the Human Workplace Team on my lessons?

You can choose our Guided Learning Option to get coaching on your lessons but our course members tell us that their lessons are comprehensive and complete in themselves.

Where can I learn about the Four-Week and 12-Week Virtual Courses?

Read about our Four-Week Virtual Courses here!

Read about our 12-Week Virtual Courses here!

Check out our Take a Leap! Special Collections here!

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It’s our Presidents Day SALE!

hw presidents day saleFebruary is half over already.

When will there  be a better time to get your 2016 career plans moving?

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Have A Question For Us? Here’s How To Get Our Help!

Human Workplace is a publishing, consulting and career coaching firm. We love to answer job-search and career questions from Human Workplace members, readers, followers and fans!

Here are three ways to get Human Workplace answers to your job-search and career questions:

  • Tweet or text your question to Liz on alternate Monday mornings, when Liz takes career questions from listeners on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show on CJAD Radio Montreal at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time (upcoming dates: March 7, 2016, and so on). To share your question with Liz,  you can call in to 514-790-0800, or text in to 514-800!
  • Join a Human Workplace Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course! Download our Virtual Course Guide here. Our virtual courses are very comprehensive — your lessons will teach you new skills and clear up dozens of common job-search obstacles and issues!
  • Choose our Burning Issue email Q & A coaching service to get our team’s personal, private written answer to your Burning Issue job-search or career question!

Liz Ryan writes Q & A articles in which Liz responds to questions from readers. How can I get Liz’s answer to my question in a Q & A article?

The questions that Liz answers in her Q & A-format articles are questions that come from workshop participants and audience members at Liz’s live appearances. The questions for our Q & A-format articles don’t come from readers or from our clients. Your Burning Issue queries and responses are always confidential.

Can I arrange a telephone consult with Liz Ryan to ask her my question and get her advice over the phone?

We offer private coaching programs which include telephone consults, courses and sometimes content creation (for instance, our composition of your Human-Voiced Resume). Our private coaching programs begin at USD $5,000. We offer a one-time, emergency 45-minute telephone consult for our clients who have an urgent, pressing career issue they want to discuss with our CEO Liz Ryan and our COO Molly Campbell (Cost: USD $2500).

If you have an emergency career situation and would like to talk by phone with Liz and our Molly, please contact us here. 

Here are more Human Workplace resources to check out:

Here are Liz Ryan’s columns on LinkedIn

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Questions And Answers About Partnering With Human Workplace

Since the Human Workplace message has exploded around the world, we’ve heard from gazillions of awesome companies and people who are interested in partnering with us.

Here are questions and answers about partnering with Human Workplace.

If you don’t see the answer you need on this page, reach us with your questions here!

I am a Public Relations person. I’d like to introduce Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan to my client, who can chat with Liz about the changing nature of work and recruiting.

That sounds like fun but Liz Ryan is inundated with requests to chat with CEOs and thought leaders — way too many requests for us to oblige. Your company can become a Human Workplace “Brought to You By” Sponsor and host a webinar, live event or online event or campaign to raise awareness about your product or service or a special event you’re planning.

If you’d like Liz Ryan’s perspective and thoughts on your offering, you can arrange a Product Design Review telephone demo and consult with Liz and our COO Molly Campbell. Reach us here to set up your program.

If you’d like our advice on leadership, recruiting or HR issues in your company, you can arrange a telephone consult with Liz and Molly to talk about your situation. Arrange that telephone consult here.

Can Liz Ryan create content for my website or blog?

We offer a Syndicated Content Program for publishers who’d like to republish Human Workplace content on their sites, and a Custom Content Program for publishers who would like our CEO Liz Ryan to create original content just for them. Reach us here to learn about both programs!

We are a consulting firm. We’d like to talk about partnering on an outreach to prospective clients.

We are completely focused on our mission, so we don’t conduct business development. If you have an engagement in which you’d like Liz Ryan to participate, please let us know. 


I’d like to partner with Human Workplace to get the word out to Human Workplace fans about my products. I will pay Human Workplace a commission for each unit I sell.

You can become a “Brought To You By” Sponsor of Human Workplace and host a webinar or webinar series, an eBook or a series of articles and podcasts, among many other ways to sponsor us. Our sponsorship programs are fee-based. Reach us here for more information!


We want Liz Ryan to present a keynote speech at our conference. How can we make that happen?

Contact us here and let us know the date of your event and the conference details. Liz will rock the house!

I want to re-publish one of Liz Ryan’s articles on my site but I don’t want to become an annual Syndicated Content Partner just yet. How can I get permission to re-publish one article?

Purchase a One-Time Content Use License here!

Have questions for us? Reach us here!