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Grow Your Flame In a Virtual Course With a BONUS, Starting February 6th!

It’s a new year, and one-twelfth of it has already passed  us by! Get a jump on 2016 career plans with a Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course from Human Workplace — with a BONUS gift!

Questions and Answers about Human Workplace Virtual Courses

How do Human Workplace Virtual Courses work?

You can opt to receive all four of your lessons (in a Four-Week Virtual Course) or all 12 lessons (in a Twelve-Week Virtual Course) at once, by email. Or, you can opt to receive your lessons by email at the rate of one lesson  per week for four weeks or 12 weeks. Your lessons will come in the form of PDF documents. Every lesson includes exercises for you to work on and mojo-boosting tips and ideas!

How will taking a Human Workplace Virtual Course help me?

Your Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course will teach you a new way to look at and to approach your job search, your current job, your entrepreneurial leap or whatever topic you are exploring. You’ll get step-by-step guidance in your virtual course, and real-life examples and stories about other people who grew the very same muscles you’ll be growing!

What is my BONUS gift?

Your registration gift is a Leap Year Special offering in celebration of  your leap into your next career adventure! When you register for any $299-or-up Twelve-Week Virtual Course in February, 2016, you’ll receive the Four-Week Virtual Course “Create Your LinkedIn Profile,” a $129 value, as your free gift!

You’ll also receive the $99, three-volume Human Workplace ‘Look Back, Look Forward 2016 Planner,’ full of guidance on making 2016 your best year ever!

When you register for any $129-and-up Four-Week Virtual Course in February, 2016, you’ll receive the $99, three-volume Human Workplace ‘Look Back, Look Forward Planner’ as your FREE registration gift!

Is one-on-one support from the Human Workplace Coaching Team available?

You can choose our Guided Learning program to get the Human Workplace Coaching Team’s personal guidance as you work on the lessons in your Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course, but most of our course members choose to work on their lessons independently. Your lessons are very complete and comprehensive!

Can I add a Resume Review or LinkedIn Profile Review to my course?

Yes! With Lesson One in your Virtual Course, you’ll receive a list of Course Members Only Special offers, including our in-depth Resume Review and LinkedIn Profile Review services. These popular coaching services are only available to current Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course members. You can add a Resume Review conducted by our coaching team, or a LinkedIn Profile review by our team to your Virtual Course for USD $499. Either Review service will give you concrete, specific suggestions for bringing your power across in your resume or your LinkedIn Profile!

How can I ask a question about Human Workplace Virtual Courses?

Reach us with your questions here! 

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Here’s what other Human Workplace Four-Week and 12-Week Virtual Course Members have to say!

“I thought I knew how to look for a job, but my methods weren’t working. I changed my entire approach and got the job I wanted. I felt like a master spy researching my hiring manager, who is now my boss, and making a hypothesis about his biggest Business Pain point. He told me at my interview ‘I’ve never seen anyone pay that much attention to their job search before.’ Thank you Human Workplace!”

“I hesitated before spending $299 on a course about launching my consulting business, because I thought it would have obvious, general information. I was completely wrong about that. The wisdom and practical ideas I got in ‘Launch Your Consulting Business’ gave me the how-tos and the confidence to launch my consulting business in November, and it is already paying my mortgage. This course was a great investment.”

Downloadable eBook: Handling the Objection “You’re Overqualified” on a Job Search

How Do You Get A Job You’re Not Qualified For?

Here is Liz Ryan chatting with host Tommy Schnurmacher on CJAD Radio Montreal!


How To Get Your Own Human-Voiced Resume

What is a Human-Voiced Resume?

What is a Human-Voiced Resume? It’s a resume that sounds like you – as vibrant and colorful as you are in person!

A Human-Voiced Resume is a resume on paper (or on the screen) like any other resume, but it’s very different from the traditional, stodgy and boring resume format. A Human-Voiced Resume has a conversational tone and colorful Dragon-Slaying Stories to bring your power across on the page!

Read about Human-Voiced Resumes in these stories by the creator of the Human-Voiced Resume, Liz Ryan!

How can I get my own Human-Voiced Resume?

There are three ways to get your own Human-Voiced Resume. Pick the one that suits your needs best!

Do it Yourself: Fast and Easy

Choose the Four-Week Virtual Course “Humanize Your Resume” for a fast and inexpensive update on your traditional resume (Cost: USD $129)

Do it Yourself: Intensive

Choose the intensive, 12-Week Virtual Course “Put a Human Voice in Your Resume” for in-depth, step-by-step guidance as you transform your traditional resume into a powerful, personal Human-Voiced Resume that brings your talents across on the page! (Cost: USD $299

Do It With Us: Get Your Human-Voiced Resume Created for You by The Inventor of the Human-Voiced Resume!

If you’d like to coach with Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan and Human Workplace COO Molly Campbell privately and have Liz and Molly create your Human-Voiced Resume for you, choose our Deluxe Job Search Coaching Program (discounted right now during our New Year Specials program)!

This comprehensive program includes our creation of your Human-Voiced Resume, a 45-minute telephone consult with Liz Ryan and Molly Campbell, ongoing coaching, courses, and tools to move your job search forward and much more! (Cost: USD $11,099, only available through the end of January, 2016.)

Reach us here with your questions!

step up in 2016

Liz Ryan Shares Career Advice for 2016: Tommy Schnurmacher Show, January 4, 2016

Listen to Liz Ryan sharing job-search and career advice on the Tommy Schnurmacher show — and get ideas for your 2016 career!

virtual courses start on jan 9 2016

New Virtual Courses Begin January 9th, 2016 – Grow Your Flame With Us!

It’s a new year and your 2016 career adventures await you!

Join  us in a Four-Week or 12-Week virtual, self-paced course and step into your next career move!

Learn how to get a job without wasting your time pitching job applications into the void — or how to launch your own consulting business, start your writing or public speaking career and much more!

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Questions and Answers about Human Workplace Virtual Courses

Do I have to wait for the lessons in my virtual course to arrive, week by week?

No! You can choose to have all four or all 12 lessons delivered to you right now.

Can I keep the lessons once I’ve taken them?

Yes! Your lessons will arrive as PDF documents. They are yours to keep.


Reach us here with your questions! 

person on boat or ship for story five things you owe your employees and five you dont

Why Unlimited Vacation Time Policies Suck

It’s a trend now for Silicon Valley employers and others to offer ‘unlimited vacation time.’ It’s not as great a benefit as it’s cracked up to be.

Vacation time is important, and in general, Americans don’t take enough of it. They don’t take the vacation time they’re entitled to. Why not? People don’t take their allotted vacation time because culturally in their organizations, it’s too hard to do it.

White-collar work is never done. When you leave your desk, the work doesn’t stop. It doesn’t even slow down. You’ll be sitting on the beach thinking about the people who are waiting for callbacks, and stressing about it.

There is very little separation between work and life even when you’re out of town.

It’s hard to ask for vacation time, even when it’s only two or three weeks a year. In our go-go-go business culture, your request for vacation time is likely to go this way:

YOU: So boss, can I take a week off in January?

BOSS: Why?

YOU: My sister’s wedding.

BOSS: Who’s going to do the weekly call report when you’re gone?

YOU: I’ll ask Janine if she can do it.

BOSS: Go ahead and schedule the vacation, but make sure everything gets done.

This is sloppy leadership, but it’s common.

Working people worry about taking vacation, even when it’s theirs to take. They worry about falling behind and getting a bad performance review. If the boss says “I know your vacation has been scheduled for a year, but that’s too bad! Something came up, and now you need to change it.”

Traditionally, full-time employees got two weeks of paid vacation time per year to start. After a few years they moved up to three weeks, and then four weeks.

If your company cares about talent, it will have a policy in place that says that if you don’t use your vacation time during the year, you can carry it over to the next year. The policy will also say that if you leave the company for any reason, you’ll get a check for your unused vacation time.

Some US states require that, but not all.

Whether a state requires it or not, a Human Workplace employer will pay you for your unused vacation time when you leave the company. That’s only smart business. We all know about the Law of Unintended Consequences, which is not a law on the books but rather a law of physics.

If you don’t pay people for their unused vacation time when they leave your company, they’re going to use all their vacation time before they leave. Can we blame them for that? There’s no reason for anyone to donate vacation time back to the company!

When someone is planning to leave, you need them on board to train their replacement and leave their job in good order. If you pay them for their unused vacation time, you won’t have to worry about it!

Now we have the “unlimited vacation time” trend. These new policies say that you can take as much vacation time as you want — but is that real vacation time or fake time off?

If your vacation time isn’t allotted to you and if you can’t carry it over or get paid for it when you leave the company, it’s fake.

“Unlimited” vacation time without the assurance that you’ve got the time coming to you is a scam. It’s your manager’s whim that determines whether or not you can take time off, in that case. It’s just a way to the unused-vacation-time liability off your employer’s books, at your expense.

Vacation time is essential for your personal health and the health of your organization, too.

When you interview with a company that offers so-called unlimited vacation time, tell them that you might take some extra time here or there but that you need two or three or whatever number of weeks guaranteed to you in writing and carried on the books — to be paid to you at the time you leave the company, whenever that is.

If they balk, then you know the truth — these folks are not as concerned about employee health and wellness as they say they are!

person on boat or ship for story five things you owe your employees and five you dont

Gift of MOJO Special: Big Leap Assortment

How To Make 2016 An Amazing Year

A new year is right on top of us.

Does it feel like an exciting new start, or does the new year feel like more pressure to be perfect?

You already work hard.

How many of these items are on your plate?:

  • Going to work, or looking for work
  • Taking care of kids or elderly parents
  • Taking care of animals
  • Going to school
  • Managing your finances and paying your bills
  • Driving yourself and other people around
  • Cooking and cleaning house
  • Taking care of errands and chores

Where does it end? We are overwhelmed. No one could blame us. Our plates are full!

How can we even think about making 2016 an amazing year when we have such a heavy burden to carry? Whatever we did last year got us through the year, but we didn’t always feel strong. We didn’t always feel at the top of our game.

There must be a different way to approach a new year.

There is!

You can stop beating up on yourself, and stop worrying about what you didn’t get done. Stop completely and drop the entire monologue that drones on in your head. Get out of your head, and take a long walk. Then take a long bath or shower. Ride your bike.

Go to the park. Go to the gym. Forget about your to-do list. Let it go. It has nothing to do with you. You are looking at something new. You’re looking at the year ahead from a higher altitude. It will fly by, the same way 2015 did. What will be different at the end of 2016?

Give yourself permission to dream about something big. Paying down your credit cards and losing ten lbs. are awesome things to do, but is that all your path has to offer you in 2016?

Why not shoot for something higher — a mission for the year that excites you? You don’t have to tell anyone about it. You can envision a much more exciting future for yourself than you can see clearly how to reach from where you stand right now. You’re not supposed to see the path clearly. It only becomes clear as you get closer to it!

Go ahead and dream big. It might take years to reach your goal, but that’s okay – that’s what your time is for! Where will you be on the path to your expansive vision a year from now? If your only goals are to organize your closets and eat healthier foods in 2016, your vision won’t get any closer as the upcoming twelve months hurtle by.

What if you set your sights on something inspiring and concrete – a vision that you create for life and career, by giving yourself the permission you always thought had to come from someone else?

You could move mountains in 2016, working toward that vision, if you knew what it was. If you saw it clearly, you could write about it and talk and think about it. You could draw about it and let it take shape, and the details would fill themselves in. That’s how the visioning process works.

Take the first step! This year might be a very different use of your time and energy. You can step up to a higher altitude in 2016 and feel the flame burning inside you — the flame that was only waiting patiently all this time to be lit.

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