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Who couldn’t stand to polish one or a few professional skills and feel more confident? Most of us could use a boost in our muscles & MOJO every now and then!

Our mission at Human Workplace is to reinvent work for people.

Our super-popular Four-Week and 12-Week Virtual Courses help job-seekers, working people, consultants, entrepreneurs and students get clear on their goals, direction and branding, vault their obstacles and get the career, business and life they deserve!

Your Virtual Course lessons are fun, intellectually stimulating and mojo-boosting. Here’s what one recent Virtual Course Member said:

“I felt kind of silly signing up for a course about how to get ahead at work (Get Ahead!) because I thought I knew all about that topic. I’ve been working for fourteen years. The course showed me a whole new side.

I never thought about how much incredible resume fodder and learning experience is here for the taking at my current job. My work is more fun now and I’m more successful at it. Thanks for the gift of altitude!”

Here’s what another Virtual Course Member said about Get the Job You Deserve:

“Great course! You taught me to follow my instinct and I can’t tell you what a change that has made! My job search is completely retooled. My resume has a confident human voice in it now, and after writing 14 Pain Letters I’ve got the hang of it now. I’ve heard back from five hiring managers and two HR people.

My Pain Letters are hitting pay dirt you might say. Thank you for the massive mojo boost and the fantastic information. The drawings make the process a lot of fun too!”

Every Human Workplace 12-Week and Four-Week Virtual Course launches again on September 5th, 2015.

Join us and grow your flame!

Most courses are also available for immediate delivery of all four or all 12 lessons.

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Human Workplace Virtual Course Guide September 2015

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Human Workplace Virtual Course Guide 2015

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