Clean Up Your Online Act

Are you job-searching? If so, can I bother you to take care of a few things really soon, like, maybe right now? Here you go:

  • 1. Clean up your MySpace profile, if you have one. If it’s absolutely impossible to clean it up, delete it. Sorry about that! You’re a job-seeker now.
  • 2. Same with your Facebook profile. Also, write to your Facebook Friends and tell them to lay off the risque Wall posts for a while.
  • 3. Look over your Twitter history, if you have one, for the same reason. If you can’t purge, start over.
  • 4. Google yourself. Some things you were saying on Yahoo!groups three years ago could come back to haunt you. If you’re concerned by what you find, write to the group owner (at and ask him or her to delete those posts from the archive.
  • 5. Look at your LinkedIn Answers (questions and answers, both). If you got a little steamed at one point and answered a question a few seconds before your better judgment kicked in, you can write to LinkedIn management to kill your reply.
  • 6. Check out your blog(s). Would I tell you to write what you don’t feel or to not write what you do feel, in order to get a job? Not me. But you’ll want to be aware of what’s out there and think through how prospective employers may react to it.