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How to Get Your Mojo Back: 25 Journal Prompts To Get You Started

In this story on LinkedIn we recommended getting a journal and writing in it every day or as often as possible. Hats off to you for following the link. You’re going to try journaling, or pick it back up. Good for you!

Here are 25 topics to write about when you’re sitting with pen in hand, staring into space. Leave a comment and tell us which Journal Prompts worked best for you!

  1. Write about your day. What was fun? What was irritating?
  2. Write about your to-do list and what you’re thinking about each item.
  3. Write about conversations you took part in or overheard during your day. What ideas did your conversations spark?
  4. Write about the news you’ve heard about and read, and your reactions to it.
  5. Write about your memories from any point in your life — kindergarten or seventh grade or anything that crops up for you.
  6. Write about your goals. What do you hope to accomplish this month, this year and in your lifetime?
  7. Write about people you care about. What would you like to say to each one?
  8. Write about your concerns. What seems to be in your way on the job or on your job search? What would you like to see working differently in the future? What would that nirvana state look like?
  9. Write about your family members and your children or pets. What has each one been up to lately? What do you see changing in them?
  10. Write about your feelings. What’s been on your mind lately? Use your writing to puzzle out what events and relationships mean to you.
  11. Write about your identity as a working person or job-seeker. What is it like to be you at this stage in your life? What’s fun, what’s annoying and what’s overwhelming? Write about all of it!
  12. Write about your dreams and daydreams.
  13. Write about cooking, gardening or whatever you do for fun. If you’d like to do something for fun but you haven’t had the chance yet, write about it anyway.
  14. Write about your passions — the things that you’re most interested in and that you feel most strongly about. Write about your faith or philosophy, your view of the way things should work in the world and what you’d do differently if you were King, Queen or Duchess of Everything.
  15. Write about your dream job scenario. What would you do professionally, and for which type of organization? Who would you be working with? What would your workplace look like? Design your dream job in your mind, and bring it in here on earth!
  16. Write about your strengths. What do you love to do and know you’re good at? Write about your areas of expertise. That’ll grow your mojo!
  17. Write about the best work experience you’ve ever had. What was so great about that job? Try to remember the details and capture them.
  18. Write about things you’ve never tried,  but want to. Write about things you  never want to do again!
  19. Write about what you like about yourself — your sense of humor or your gift for solving logic puzzles. Write about times when you felt victorious. Those are Mojo Moments to treasure, especially when your mojo is depleted!
  20. Write about the biggest problem in your life and come up with half a dozen ways to surmount it. Try one of your ideas tomorrow!
  21. Write about your favorite songs and artists. Write about going to concerts or listening to songs on the radio. Write about what you and your friends were wearing and where you were going. Your right brain is full of powerful memories and wisdom. Tap it!
  22. Write about the perfect day. Where would you be, and what would you do first, second and third? It’s your movie, so go ahead and incorporate time travel, faster-than-light transportation or any technology or magic you need to have the perfect day.
  23. Write about the things that make you feel happy and successful.
  24. Write about small things that you’ve noticed lately. Tiny clues have big implications!
  25. Write about your worry and anxiety. Pour it out on the page. Get out of your head, and you’ll start to feel better immediately!
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  1. Trudie
    Trudie says:

    Hey Liz,
    Have been pondering for some time, I used to journal daily for many years, somehow I lost touch with this.
    Today I have a special pen/laptop back in my hands, and going to journal. My life story could end up being a book for my future descendants.
    THANX! for the inspiration

  2. Leonel
    Leonel says:

    Journaling is a great way to “bounce” your feeling and ideas and obtain inspiration and clarification and reflect on our connection to others. It is important to talk to others but even the most patience of friends or significant others develop the glazed eye syndrome after a while. I know my partner is a very understanding lady but I don’ t want to monopolize the conversation. She needs to express herself also so I use the journal to “talk to myself”. Excellent suggestion!


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