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One Million Reasons To Say “Thank You!”

We’re celebrating like there’s no tomorrow. Guess why?

…Because YOU put us over the ONE MILLION FOLLOWER mark on LinkedIn!

We are so happy and excited that so many people around the world are resonating with the Human Workplace message to reinvent work for people.

I’ve made a video just for you to say thanks for being part of the Human Workplace movement!

I also wanted to offer a free ebook. Just click here to receive it.

Three years ago, we wrote our first column for LinkedIn. You read and shared that column, and more of our stories.

You told your friends about us.

You listened to our podcasts.

You took our courses and you got involved in our webinars.

Just a few years later, we hit our one million follower mark–and it’s ALL THANKS TO YOU!

At Human Workplace we are are committed to reinventing work for people. We want you to succeed, for you to find your ideal job and develop your career. We want you to build your mojo and find your voice. We want you to create a strong personal brand for yourself and thrive in the new millennium workplace.

As we reach for 2 million followers, I want to thank you for every bit of good energy you’ve sent to us along the way. And enjoy the special video–you mean so much to us!

Just as you’ve shared our columns over the years with your friends, don’t forget to let your friends and family know about this video. Forward this email and tell them I say THANKS!

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