• 12-Part Virtual Courses -- Immediate Delivery

    Human Workplace 12-week virtual courses bring our members and friends along an accelerated learning roadmap that gives them new muscles and mojo, challenges and support to achieve their goals!

    Here’s how our 12-week virtual courses work. As a course participant, you’ll receive a packet each week via email (on Saturday) for 12 weeks. In each packet will be the current week’s lesson in your course, along with assorted combinations of exercises, podcasts, tools, drawings and E-books. You’ll work through the lessons at your own pace.

    You don’t have to be at any particular place at any particular time to participate and advance through the lessons. Please write to Michael with your questions about our 12-week virtual courses! Reach him at michael@humanworkplace.com.

    Be sure to download our free catalog of 12-week virtual courses below, to read course descriptions and see the full calendar of 12-week virtual courses!

  • Burning Issue Q & A Service

    Have a big workplace, career or job-search issue that’s driving you crazy? Let us help you sort it out! Our Burning Issues program gives you relief from your most stressful problems at work and on your job hunt. You describe your Burning Issue in a message to Human Workplace expert coaches, and we respond with a private, custom-made answer and specific suggestions for putting your problem behind you! If you need a very fast response, write to Michael Wilcox at michael@humanworkplace.com or call us at (303) 440-0408 to arrange for RUSH service!

  • Congratulations Class of 2015! Special Packages

    Get your post-college job search going with our Congratulations, Class of 2015 Special Packages!

  • Downloadable Catalogs

    Get our latest catalogs here!

  • Downloadable E-Books & Catalogs

  • Downloadable eBooks

    Download one or more Human Workplace eBooks and tools now to grow your career Muscles and Mojo!

  • Downloadable Lessons

    Here are the individual lessons from our ultra-popular Four-Week Virtual Courses, available for instant download! Complete sets of Lessons One through Four are also available in this category. Grow your career muscles and mojo with Human Workplace lessons!

  • Executive Search Services

    Human Workplace Search is our executive search arm. We conduct retained searches for Human Workplace employers who understand that switched-on people are the only kind worth hiring.

  • Four-Week Virtual Courses

    Our powerful four-week virtual courses will get you up to speed on critical career topics and help you take your next big step!

  • Halloween Specials!

    Here are special Halloween deals on downloadable eBooks and tools for your job search and your career mojo!

  • Human-Voiced Resumes™

    We write Human-Voiced Resumes™ and many other types of Human-Voiced Business Communications™ for our clients. We teach them to tell their story with a human voice and we create branding, HR and leadership materials with a human voice for them.

    We also Review our clients’ resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and offer 12-week virtual coaching group instruction on creating branding materials with a human voice. The Human-Voiced Resume™ services not shown on this page are arranged by speaking with our Operations Manager, Michael Wilcox. You can reach Michael at michael@humanworkplace.com. You can purchase our Resume Review, LinkedIn Profile Review, combination Resume/LinkedIn Profile Review and Your Human-Voiced Bio services below.

  • HW for Employers

    Our mission at Human Workplace is to reinvent work for people. Here are eBooks and tools for employers who want to raise the Team Mojo level in their organizations! Reach us at michael@humanworkplace.com to learn about our coaching, consulting and curriculum for your team!

  • LEAP Into 2015 Specials!

    Here are special offerings and bundles to get your career moving in 2015!

  • Liz Ryan Keynote Speaking

    Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan is an international keynote speaker, a rousing and provocative authority-slash-entertainer who leaves her audiences on their feet, cheering for their own possibilities and a shared vision for the Human Workplace. Bring Liz Ryan’s authoritative, edgy and very funny advice, motivation and evangelism to your event!

  • Members Only Specials

  • Membership Levels

    Join Human Workplace as a member today! We are re-inventing work for humans.

  • NEW! HW Toolkit: When the Headhunter Calls

    This Human Workplace Toolkit teaches job-seekers and working people how to work with third-party recruiters (also called ‘headhunters’) whether the recruiter calls you or whether you call him first. This comprehensive toolkit equips you to partner with third-party recruiters without wasting your time and energy or feeling like a doormat. Choose just the tools you need or choose the complete When the Headhunter Calls Toolkit at a special introductory price!

  • Premium Career Guidance

    Work directly with the Human Workplace coaching team for personal career guidance whether you’re job-hunting, launching an entrepreneurial venture or in need of support on the job.

  • Spring Specials

    Here are our end-of-the-year holiday special bundles! Blast into 2014 with new muscles and mojo, a new brand and/or a new plan!

    Contact Michael Wilcox at michael@humanworkplace.com to get Human Workplace Gift Certificates for friends and family members on your gift list!

  • Take A Leap! Special Offers

    Bundled and discounted collections for your 2016 career leap!

  • New Year Specials!

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