12-Part Virtual Course: Everybody Sells – Even You! : Instant Delivery

Everybody sells at some point – even you! We sell other people on our ideas, we sell ourselves as pain-solvers on a job search, and we all grow new-millennium muscles when we learn how to sell. Join us and grow your Sales Muscles & Mojo™!

We’ll learn how to sell by focusing on Business Pain™, aligning yourself with your customer’s needs rather than pushing an unwanted agenda on him or her. We’ll learn about selling your ideas to your manager, selling yourself as a job candidate, and selling in situations ranging from neighborhood or HOA meetings to selling your kids or your significant other. Selling relies on fundamental skills (we call them muscles!) that anyone can learn. Grow your professional and personal communication and negotiation skills and learn a powerful new set of tools in this lively 12-part course!

If selling makes you nervous or if you’re frustrated when people don’t see the value in what you bring, this course is for you!


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