12-Part Virtual Course: Put a Human Voice in Your Resume : Instant Delivery

Human Workplace’s Whole Person Job Search approach is shaking up the workplace and the way people get jobs.

Human-Voiced Resumes and Pain Letters are our most widely-known innovations for job-seekers.In this 12-part virtual course you’ll write your own Human-Voiced Resume to bring more of your power and personality across to employers. You’ll use a conversational tone and your own unique voice to bring your power across on the page!

Your lessons will guide you, step by step, to write your own Human-Voiced Resume.

From choosing pithy Dragon-Slaying Stories to finding your own professional voice, this lively 12-part course features lessons, E-Books and exercises to make you a branded, Mojofied Job Seeker this year!

Write your Human-Voiced Resume and move your job search and career forward!

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