Downloadable Collection: Team MOJO Starter Kit

This downloadable collection for HR professionals and leaderes includes great resources plus a complete LinkedIn how-to article collection and more! This Starter Kit would cost $142.82 if the materials in it were purchased separately. Get yours at a huge discount  and start building your Human Workplace!

Here’s the table of contents for this Team MOJO Starter Kit:

Material Description Price when purchased separately (USD)
Ten Ways to Build Team Mojo™ eBook This eBook with a colorful poster inside shares ten ways to build the MOJO on your team – plus a bonus eleventh way! $9.95
Takeaway Leadership This article by Liz Ryan explains how CEOs (and all leaders!) can lead more effectively by taking away barriers to their team’s success! $9.95
Human Workplace LinkedIn Stories Collection Here are Liz Ryan’s stories about LinkedIn! Become an expert LinkedIn user with Liz’s help. $12.95
Grow Your Thought Leadership Flame™ Lesson Five: Your Manifesto Here is Lesson Five from our 12-week virtual coaching group Grow Your Thought Leadership Flame™. Lesson Five is all about writing your manifesto – your vision for your own life and career. $39.99
HR With a Human Voice™ Lesson Ten: Sticky Human Topics This is Lesson Ten in our 12-week virtual coaching group HR with a Human Voice™. Lesson Ten deals with difficult human topics that arise at work. $39.99
Team Mojo™ Starter Kit: Three Staff Meeting Exercises These three Team Mojo™ Staff Meeting exercises will help your team start talking about the energy in your workplace – a great start on building your own Human Workplace! $29.95
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