Downloadable eBook: Reach Your Hiring Manager Directly Collection

This downloadable eBook was inspired by our member Holly, who asked us “Where can I get a lot of advice on writing Pain Letters and reaching my hiring managers directly?” Here it is! This downloadable eBook includes eleven of Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan’s articles on avoiding the Black Hole (that means corporate and institutional recruiting portals) and reaching your hiring manager directly at his or her desk!

The articles in this Collection are listed below. In this eBook are included the articles together with Liz Ryan’s evocative and inspirational images. This eBook includes 41 pages of fantastic Human Workplace advice!

How Technology Killed Recruiting
Put a Human Voice in Your Resume
When the Headhunter Calls, Do This
Job Search Stuck in Neutral? Try Something Radical!
Frustrating Job Search? Try a Pain Letter
How to Break into the Hidden Job Market
Are You Ready to Navigate the New Talent Market?
Escape from the Black Hole
Ten Job Search Rules to Break
Forget the Cover Letter – Send a Pain Letter, Instead
STOP! Don’t Send That Resume
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