New Year Special! Downloadable Package: Job Search MOJO Package

This package of eBooks, tools and our workbook Your Path in Words gives you a ton of instruction and mojo-building encouragement for your job search or career change!

Here’s the full contents of your Job Search MOJO Package (in the table below).

This package of eBooks and tools would cost $140.60 if its contents were purchased separately. Get yours now and step into your job search with MOJO!

NOTE: You will download your package from the purchase confirmation page that appears when your purchase is completed. 

Document Description Retail Price
Break the Rules and Get Your Dream Job This eBook describes how to break traditional job-search rules and get a hiring manager’s attention! $15.95
Noah Greenfield Resume This before-and-after Human-Voiced Resume example serves as a template for your HVR-writing project! $9.95
Brand Yourself for the Job You Want eBook This eBook explains how to use published job ads to help you zero in on your best-fit new job. $9.95
Using Your Human-Voiced Resume™ and Pain Letter™ eBook This eBook walks through the process of sending your Pain Letter™ and HVR directly to your target hiring manager. $9.95
Forty Ways to Get Unstuck Careerwise eBook This inspirational eBook gives you forty ways to get unstuck when you’re not sure how to proceed career-wise. $14.95
Online Job Search Starter Kit This Starter Kit includes eBooks and tools for your 21st-century job search! $39.99
Your Path So Far Workbook This thought-provoking workbook steps you through your life and career so far, helping you retrace your path and grow your mojo! $39.95
Cost of the materials in this Package:    $140.60
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