Fifty-Minute Corporate Telephone Consult

Every leader, marketer and product developer has run into a thorny issue on the job at some point. How do you get past your biggest obstacle so you can keep moving?

At Human Workplace we love to dig into sticky leadership, marketing, operational, content and HR issues and help our clients sort through their options to find a solution that works for them.

We do this in our consulting, our curriculum, and this one-time, fifty-minute telephone consult with our CEO Liz Ryan and our COO Molly Campbell.

In fifty potent minutes we’ll dig into your obstacle and view it from all angles, then conceive and brainstorm solutions and your action plan. Here are some of the Fifty-Minute Corporate Consult issues we’ve handled so far:

• Strategy and execution problems
• Turnover and morale issues
• Marketing dilemmas and roadblocks
• Sticky human topics like substance abuse, theft or gender issues
• HR and team management challenges
• Product development/launch obstacles
• Startup “people” challenges and business problems
• Merger & acquisition hurdles

Your fifty-minute corporate telephone consult can include up to three people from your team (plus your coaches Liz Ryan and Molly Campbell). Your fifty-minute telephone consult will not include a product demo, download or the review of documents on our end — please contact us here to learn about those services.

Get past your thorniest issue with the help of Human Workplace’s forward-looking, human and no-nonsense approach to business and leadership!

Contact us with your questions here!

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