Resume Review Podcast Coaching

What is Podcast Coaching? Our expert coaches, Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan and Human Workplace COO Molly Campbell, will record a ten-minute podcast and we’ll deliver it to you via email. You’ll have Liz’s and Molly’s recorded coaching to listen to as many times as you like. In their private podcast created just for you, Liz and Molly will walk through your resume and share their observations, recommendations and areas for you to focus on.

Their comments will guide you as you enhance and humanize your resume. Your ten-minute Podcast Coaching audio recording will be packed with practical advice from the architects of the Human-Voiced Resume!

When you purchase this Podcast Coaching service, our Operations Manager Michael Wilcox will write to you to start your Podcast Coaching process. Michael will ask you to send him your current or most resume resume. (A written resume is required for this service.)

Your Podcast Coaching recording will be delivered to you via email in about seven business days. You’ll have personal, authoritative and actionable advice to bring more power, punch and personality to your resume and get your job search moving!

Have questions for us? Reach  us here!

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