Reinvention Roadmap, Job Search after Fifty and Teaching the Whole Person Job Search

10 job search rules to break

Dear friends,

This Saturday, August 24, three new 12-week virtual Human Workplace coaching groups are launching!

Our REINVENTION ROADMAP course is coming back in August — this 12-week virtual coaching group was sold out in May and has gotten tremendous reviews!

“I learned more about myself, my path and my career strategy in this Reinvention Roadmap course than in any program, book or coaching I’ve done. Hurrah for reinvention!” — Sally, New York, NY

Join our new Reinvention Roadmap coaching group here!

Cost: $329

JOB SEARCH AFTER FIFTY is our new 12-week virtual coaching group for job-seekers who have reached the “fifth level.” Learn how to use your Human-Voiced Resume(TM), Pain Letters(TM) and other Human Workplace techniques to get a great job that deserves you!

Join our Job Search after Fifty coaching group here!

Cost: $299

TEACHING THE WHOLE PERSON JOB SEARCH is our 12-week virtual coaching group for career coaches, career developers and career educators. In this course you’ll get an introduction to the Whole Person Job Search and take the first step toward certification as a Human Workplace coach!

Join our Teaching the Whole Person Job Search coaching group here!

Cost: $299

Write to me with your questions about our 12-week virtual coaching groups or any Human Workplace program.



Michael Wilcox
Operations Manager
Human Workplace

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