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Ten Mojo-Boosting Tips For December Job-Seekers

It  can be grueling to job-hunt in December. For one thing, you may be worried that employers will shut down their hiring apparatuses for the month, but luckily that’s not always true.

Lots of hiring managers have 2016 budget dollars (including payroll dollars) that must  be spent before the first of January — or else that budget allocation will disappear!

December job-seekers can also be stressed about needing to find a job before the end of the year, not to mention holiday expenditures.

If you’re job-hunting and you aren’t working now, take some pressure off yourself by explaining to your family and friends that you’ll bake for them or do something nice for them in lieu of a holiday present this year.

You don’t need the extra stress of trying to find extra cash to buy holiday gifts. Your friends and family members love you, and they will understand!

Here are ten tips for managing your schedule, your stress level and your mojo during your December job search:

  1. Keep in mind that the only employers who will schedule you for interviews during December are the best employers for you to know — that is, organizations who really  have Business Pain that you can help them solve. If they didn’t have pain, they wouldn’t schedule interviews now with the end of the year looming. That’s good!
  2. Review your LinkedIn profile to make sure it sings your song as loudly and proudly as it can.
  3. December is a hard month for lots of people. If you’re surrounded by happy throngs of holiday shoppers while you’re trudging off to sign up with another temp agency, it can make your job-search burden seem like a lot to bear. Keep this in mind: you are smart and strong and employable. You only need one hiring manager to see your spark and vice versa.
  4. If you need a survival job to tide you over while your “career” job search continues, take one! Retail merchants are hiring right now — they have huge signs in their front windows. You don’t have to apologize to “career”-type employers for having a survival job. You have nothing to apologize for. If they want you, they can interview you when you’re not working.
  5. Make a little time for yourself every day in December. Listen to your favorite music or do something that speaks to you, like reading or writing in your journal or talking on the phone with your best friend. Your mojo is the most important element in your job search. Your mojo fuel tank gets depleted when you go on interviews, research and write Pain Letters and follow up on Pain Letters you’ve already sent. Take a few moments to refill your fuel tank every day!
  6. Look through your local business paper online to find business-related holiday networking events. If you don’t already have some, order your own consulting business cards and give them out to new people you meet. Attend one or several holiday networking events by yourself or with a friend. Remember, you’re not a job-seeker: you’re a consultant now. You get to decide what sort of consultant you are!
  7. If you’re job-hunting alone from your house, visit a job-search networking group in your city and meet some other job-hunters you can collaborate with. A coffee meeting once a week with supportive people is a tremendous mojo-booster for all of you.
  8. Get a journal and write in it. Write about your plans for 2017 and your triumphs and challenges in 2016. Get your thoughts, worries, hopes and ideas out of your head and onto the page!
  9. Remember that walking around in the desert is the toughest part of reinvention — but it is the part of the journey where all the best learning happens!
  10. Remember to pat yourself on the back for your hard work as a job-seeker — one of the hardest jobs there is.

You are a super star, but not everyone will see it. You don’t need everyone to see your flame. Your job is to find the people who resonate at your frequency — and say a quick “Nice to meet you, and goodbye” to everyone who doesn’t!

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  1. Bancroft Hulme
    Bancroft Hulme says:

    Great advice! Currently considering leaving my full-time job for various reasons and after seeing your article I’m inspired to follow your words “Break the rules to get the job you want & career you deserve”, thanks for sharing!


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