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The Reinvention Starts Here! (a downloadable E-Book)

No one ever said reinvention was a picnic, but what birthing process ever was? We’re fanatical at Human Workplace about helping people get the learning, grow the muscles and regain the mojo that a reinvention process provides. We have everything we need to step into a new frame and begin a new chapter with more interesting, satisfying and empowered lives and careers. We have to  feel our power and know our value before anyone else will.

Please click on the orange text below to download a new Human Workplace E-Book that will get you thinking about your next adventure via the question, “What Do I Want?”

The Reinvention Starts Here Ebook

Our Reinvention Roadmap 12-week virtual coaching group starts May 18 and continues for 12 weeks. Join us and grow your flame with the help of our coaches, the Human Workplace online community, our E-Books and exercises and tons of tips for your reinvention. Here’s more info about the Reinvention Roadmap virtual coaching group. 

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  1. Scott Salmon
    Scott Salmon says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the great articles. It’s refreshing to read about someone who has experienced the same type of workplace issues most of have faced in our career.

    I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since becoming unemployed a few months ago. There’s such a feeling of emptiness that comes with it, a sense of isolation along with a lack of validation from my co-workers and clients alike. I no longer feel like a contributing person to society.

    I’m ready to reinvent myself and thank you for publishing such a timely book. Looking forward to a good read!


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