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What Is A Pain Letter — And Can It Get Me A Job?

What is a Pain Letter? It’s a letter that accompanies your Human-Voiced Resume when you send your resume to your hiring manager.

Reaching out to hiring managers directly is a new-millennium job search approach that our CEO Liz Ryan invented and teaches in her stories and lessons.

Pain Letters are effective because when your hiring manager — the person who will be your boss in your new job — opens your letter, you are speaking directly to him or her.

You are no longer just another job-seeker, one of thousands. You are speaking directly to your possible future boss about his or her favorite topic: themselves!

A Pain Letter serves some of the same functions as a traditional cover letter, but a Pain Letter is different from a cover letter in many ways:

  1. While a cover letter is addressed to anybody who happens to read it, a Pain Letter is created for just one person — someone whose name you already know. You’ll use your hiring manager’s name in the Pain  Letter.
  2. A cover letter  is generic. A Pain Letter is very specific. It’s called a Pain Letter because it talks about your hiring manager’s Business Pain — whatever is not working perfectly in the hiring manager’s department right now.
  3. Cover letters are the least important part of the two-part packet that includes your cover letter and your resume. Pain Letters, by contrast, are at least as important as the Human-Voiced Resume the Pain Letter accompanies! You’ll send your Pain Letter in the mail in an envelope together with your Human-Voiced Resume, straight to your hiring manager’s desk. You will find your specific, target hiring manager by doing this.
  4. Cover letters are typically submitted with your resume into an online careers portal. Pain Letters are not written to be lobbed into recruiting sites. They are written to be printed on paper, sent in the mail and opened by a human being who is avid to get help with his or her biggest problems!

If you are new to Pain Letter writing, check out Liz’s book “Reinvention Roadmap,” which is available on Amazon now!

In “Reinvention Roadmap” you’ll learn how and why to write your own Pain Letters as well as how to write your Human-Voiced Resume and tons more practical job-search and career advice!


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