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The Human Workplace is a publishing firm, a think tank and a coaching and consulting business. The Human Workplace is also an idea, a mindset and a set of practices for employers, educators, entrepreneurs, career coaches and developers, HR folks, students and other leaders.

We’re writing the blueprints for the Human Workplace now, together with our partners and friends. Download one of our materials here. Join us here to receive new Ebooks, webinar invitations, tools and templates as we create them.

Here’s a little more info on our history and our mission.

Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan was a corporate HR VP forever. Even before that, she was (and still is) a professional opera singer. Writing, speaking around the world, consulting with employers and teaching HR people, corporate leaders and job-seekers how to navigate in the new-millennium workplace, Liz conceived the idea of bringing humanity back into the workplace, loosening the left brain’s stranglehold on business and reinventing work for people.

you call it engineering I call it jazz (2)

We do most of our work at Human Workplace in these six areas:

Individual Coaching

We work with individual job-seekers, career-changers, budding entrepreneurs and thought leaders on their direction, branding and strategy. Here is our catalog of services for individuals, called the Whole Person Job Search & Reinvention Catalog.

Human Workplace & Employers

We work with employers from fledgling startups to multinational corporations, helping them put a human voice into their policies, HR practices and leadership programs and helping them re-invent their internal processes for humans. We work with HR, Organizational Development and Training folks, and we work with Marketing and PR people on internal, customer-facing and talent-community branding and marketing strategy. Our Human Workplace Search arm finds switched-on, eyes-open candidates for employers who want to slice through the selection-process sludge and get the right person on board immediately.

Executive Vision & Strategy

Every chief executive we know has a strategy, and nearly every one has an obstacle or two keeping that strategy from resonating among the CEO’s staff. We work with CEOs to clarify their vision and strategy, then partner with communication folks to make that strategy real and vibrant for everyone in the organization.

The Whole Person Job Search

We teach and license our Whole Person Job Search(TM) and Mojofied Job-Seeker(TM) curriculae to workforce development centers, university career services organizations, not-for-profit associations and other organizations who want and need to give job-seekers new skills, muscles and mojo for their daunting new-millennium job hunts. We offer virtual and face-to-face classes, coaching groups and the Human Workplace brand of friendly, accessible and fun content for job-seekers from teenagers to seasoned veterans.

Here's the Human Workplace poster "Eight Essentials for Success in the Post-Employment World." Get more posters, downloadable E-Books and other stuff at

Here’s the Human Workplace poster “Eight Essentials for Success in the Post-Employment World.” Click here for more posters, downloadable E-Books and other cool stuff

Sticky Human Issues

We specialize in high-stakes, highly Sticky Human Issues. We work with CEOs and their Boards on untangling and resolving delicate personnel issues. Our CEO, Liz Ryan, is an Expert Witness for highly fraught HR and employment matters. We consult on issues where human and business perspectives overlap, from lactation at work to mental health and substance abuse issues, C-level personnel problems and other sticky boardroom topics.

Content, Content, Content

We are a publishing firm, and we produce content at an alarming rate. We offer hundreds of E-books, online courses, articles, podcasts and our CEO’s unmistakably human badges, tattoos, exercises and drawings. We create our own branded Human Workplace content, and we create customized content for our partners, focusing on their specific audience, message and voice. Our partners include universities, government agencies, private and public employers, publications, libraries, arts and faith-based organizations and frame-shifting thought leaders around the world.

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