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Liz Ryan, CEO

Liz Ryan, CEO

Liz Ryan is the CEO and Founder of Human Workplace and the voice of the new-millennium workplace. Liz is a former Fortune 500 HR SVP and the world’s  most widely-read and well-respected workplace visionary and thought leader. The genesis of the  Human Workplace mission to reinvent work for people is Liz’s frame-shaking model and blueprints for a human-powered workplace, evolving from her deep background in business leadership. As a vc-backed startup co-founder, mid-market leader and Fortune 500 senior executive, Liz Ryan has lived and now shares a leading-edge, practical and Mojofied™ approach to workplace challenges from recruiting new grads to corporate governance.

Liz Ryan’s columns on leadership, job search, personal branding, recruiting, HR practices and life in the new-millennium workplace reach 30 million readers a month on Businessweek.com, Forbes.com, Kiplinger’s Finance, Yahoo!, the Huffington Post, the Denver Post, TIME.com and the HarvardBusinessReview.com.

Liz is the leader of the 200,000-member Human Workplace online community and a sought-after international keynote speaker. She is a commentator for CNN, FOX Business, HuffPost Live, NPR and BBC Radio.

Liz graduated from Loyola University of Chicago (Mundelein College, BA Marketing) and Northwestern University (MS, Communication Studies). Liz is an operatic soprano. She and her husband Michael live in Boulder, Colorado with their five kids ages ten to nineteen, two dogs (Mojo and Magic) and two cats (Coco and Truffle).

Michael Wilcox, Director of Operations

michael green shirtBorn and raised on the south side of Chicago, Michael is our Operations guy. He is a writer and a Buddhist. Working blue collar jobs to pay for school, Michael attended Columbia College and the University of Illinois  at Chicago, and  received his undergraduate degree from Northeastern University.

Michael loaded trucks as a Teamster and was a customer service rep for a greeting-card company, a stockboy, a meter reader, an assistant manager at a used book store, an elementary school teacher, a writer, a salesman, and a distributor for medicated baked goods. He did volunteer work at the American Indian Center in Chicago and the Addiction Recovery Center in Boulder, Colorado.

When he is not hanging out with his kids, Michael follows baseball with his kids, ages 10-19 (teams: SF Giants and White Sox) and loves reading. Some of his favorite writers are Nelson Algren, Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Mark Twain and the Beat generation writers.

After a lifelong interest in Eastern religions, he became a Buddhist in 2010. He is beginning to understand that when there is nothing to say, the best thing to do is to keep noble silence.

For Michael, the aim of the Human Workplace is to allow people to be the same person in the parking lot, the office, the factory, or at home watching a movie with the family. In his job, Michael makes sure our clients get what they need and are always heard.

Molly Campbell, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Strategy

Molly Campbell is a former Wall Street portfolio manager and Master Coach in Human Workplace methodologies, whose lifelong talent and affinity for non-traditional coaching and healing in business settings comes together in the Human Workplace. Molly is the chief strategic officer for Human Workplace and the managing partner of our executive search arm, Human Workplace Search.

Molly oversees our partner relationships and editorial programs, our publishing arm and Liz Ryan’s keynote speaking and personal coaching engagements.

Molly managed $1B in personal and institutional assets on Wall Street before becoming steeped and expert in non-traditional healing modalities from Jin Shin Jyutsu and Seimei to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping).

Molly earned her BA in English at Alfred University. She hit Wall Street after college, inspired by her banker father and English teacher mother, and earned her MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University before switching careers to learn and practice natural healing techniques.

Molly founded Whitehorse Heart, a strategy and representation firm for thought leaders, artists and performers, to bring her clients to national prominence through thoughtful brand reinvention and marketing. At the confluence of Whitehorse Heart and Liz Ryan’s long-term consulting business, Ask Liz Ryan, was the Human Workplace, which launched in 2012.

Jim Campbell, Director of Wellness

Jim CampbellDr. Jim Campbell is a chiropractor and holistic healer with over thirty years of experience in natural medicine. Jim worked in traditional healthcare before a personal health issue and imminent, unavoidable surgery was made unnecessary by a protocol of nutrition and chiropractic, and Jim’s career change began. Dr. Campbell has over 2000 hours of post-graduate education with specialties in cold laser therapy, applied kinesiology, craniopathy, acupuncture, and sports medicine. Dr. Campbell is the founder of Beyond Basic Health, a natural healing practice with offices across Colorado and a wide following for his integrated approach to health care. Jim’s work with patients of all ages, from newborn infants to seasoned citizens, has awakened thousands of people to a greater awareness of health and pain relief through natural, leading-edge practices. Dr. Campbell is a member of the Colorado Chiropractic Association and has pioneered protocols utilizing cold laser therapy for previously unresponsive health issues.

As a businessperson and thought leader, Jim is active in the Colorado business ecosystem as a Board Member for the Brighton Chamber of Commerce, a member of School District’s 27J Education Foundation Board, and the Advisory Board for the Prairie View High School HOSA (Health Occupations Student Advisory) Committee. Jim and his wife Molly are enthusiasts and judges for AKC Earth Dog events, and are active members in the Rocky Mountain Earth Dog Club. Jim is certified in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team, a FEMA program.

At Human Workplace, Jim advises the team and our clients on physical, emotional and mental wellness, and assesses and evaluates organizational health in order to recommend activities for the cultivation of healthy workplaces, people, communities and organizations.